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Handling of excises cargoes.

«Arrow Logistics & Services» mainly transports excise goods (alcohol and tobacco products). We perform the following operations with cargos of excise goods:

  • Transportation (in-land and marine transport);
  • Acceptance of cargos of excise goods at warehouses and further dispatch thereof;
  • Storage of cargos of excise cargos with European and non-European status;
  • Labelling of products with excise stickers and self-adhesive labels;
  • Completion of customs procedures;
  • Acquisition of excise labels, sticking, and completion of customs formalities with regard to alcohol imported into Latvia;
  • Possibility to complete cargos received by sea and road;
  • Sorting, packing of cargos, weighing of cargos;
  • Storage of containers in own territory at Riga Free Port;
  • Cargo inspection and control services.

«Arrow Logistics & Services» has customs and excise goods storage located in Riga. All stored cargos are covered by an insurance policy, and we shall reimburse the client for the losses incurred due to damage of the cargo for which we are found to be responsible.

Excise labels and stickers are applied manually to avoid production errors. The stickers are printed using the latest offset print equipment. Our employees continuously work according to the highest standards of cleanliness and monitor the placement of the excise label and sticker on the bottle.

The commodity is labelled following the specification provided by the client, which includes the ranges of the labels and the corresponding product names. We have our own equipment for on-site printing of stickers. Currently, we are able to label 4 vehicles a day using the Russian and Ukrainian labels, and 2 vehicles a day when non-adhesive labels are used.