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«Arrow Logistics & Services» has two storage premises in Riga (area 3000 m2 and 2500 m2) for completion of the standard processing/handling operations for general cargos. The first customs warehouse is located in the territory of Riga, and this warehouse has the status of storage of excise goods. The second warehouse is located in the territory of Riga Free Port. The warehouse is selected depending on the type of arrival of the cargo batch in Riga (to reduce the costs incurred by the client), or as preferred by the client. Storage temperature: between +10 and +25 C°.

  • Loading and unloading of standard and non-standard size/weight cargos: mechanised (automatic lift, ordinary, crane) and manual;
  • Sorting and packing of cargos;
  • Possibility to complete cargos received by sea and road;
  • Storage of marine containers and non-standard size/weight cargos in own, guarded territory;
  • The favourable location of the warehouses allows to provide marine containers from the container storage site within short timelines and at competitive prices;
  • Rental of storage area;
  • Rental and selling of marine containers;
  • Selling of pallets.

The warehouses have video surveillance systems, security service, ramps, all-purpose special technology, and convenient accesses. All stored cargos are covered by an insurance policy.

The convenient location of the other warehouse within the territory of Riga Free Port makes the terminal an essential link in the chain of cargo carriage from the sender to the recipient with change of the type transport (from marine to in-land).

The warehouses are able to process up to 20 containers and trucks per day.